What topics do we cover?

New West Summit curates over 50 Panels, 150 Speakers, bringing together the best and the brightest international entrepreneurs, executives, thought leaders, top-level investors, innovative brand developers and creators to look at what’s next for technology, science, media and investment within the Cannabis Industry and beyond.
Legal cannabis has an estimated $11 billion annual economic impact, and the sector is rapidly professionalizing. More than one thousand entrepreneurs and investors will gather to forecast trends in today’s fragmented regulatory landscape, where the arrival of mainstream capital is obliterating past models. The Summit looks at what’s next for public and private investments, new business models, venture-backed startups, financial management, publicly traded companies, crowd-funding and non-profits. Panelists of active, accredited investors, legal and financial advisors and successful entrepreneurs cut through the hype.
High technology guarantees the near future of cannabis looks nothing like the present. Get the complete picture of the next generation of consumer marijuana apps and business services disrupting and streamlining the space with business models akin to Lyft, Grubhub, Instagram, Salesforce, Yelp and others. Explore shifts in verticals such as extraction, cultivation, vaporizers, and POS, CMS, and auditing systems. Peak over the horizon and future-proof your business model.
Mobile, internet, digital word of mouth and the broader media is the single greatest force shaping the destiny of cannabis consumers and the companies selling to them. Meet the influencers and review the state of the art of cannabis communications, branding, messaging and education focusing on: social media, influencer impact, lifestyle and business marketing, activism, brand development, editorial trends, the entry of Fortune 500 brands into the space, and the normalization of cannabis.

New West Summit 4.0 comes to Oakland for a big, bright experience in one of the most beautiful and diverse cities in the world.