William Greene

CTO, Treez

Will Greene serves as the Chief Technology Officer for Treez. Mr. Greene has spent all of his 20+ year career working in software and technology-related businesses. Most of this time has been spent working in small, medium, and large companies, but always with a focus towards on-time delivery of the highest quality packaged software solutions to the market.

Mr. Greene has had the opportunity to apply fundamental principles of software strategy, development, and delivery to create products for ERP, MRP, GRC, Retail, and Hospitality.Earlier in his career, Mr. Greene served as the Vice President of Technology for Revel Systems. There, he was responsible for driving Revel's most advanced and innovative offerings and for developing strategies to bridge the gap between traditional POS and the next generation consumer facing retail experience.

Known for his ability to address a prospect’s needs with language and results they can understand, Mr. Greene was instrumental in bringing dynamic security and productivity enhancing solutions to the team. After hours, Will volunteers as a mentor for elementary children, is an avid rollerblader, and has a passion for argentine tango.