Tim Morland

Compliance&Policy Director, RVR Wellness

Tim is the Compliance and Policy Director for RVR Wellness. RVR is one of largest cannabis distributors in the State of California. Tim is a board member of the California Growers Association (CGA), and is an Executive board member of the United Cannabis Business Association (UCBA). Prior to joining RVR, Tim served as the Director of Legislative and Regulatory Affairs for Board of Equalization Member Fiona Ma. Tim staffed Chairwoman Ma on the State Treasurer’s Cannabis Banking Work group. Tim also staffed Chairwoman Ma on cannabis taxation and cannabis legislation. Tim served as a member of the San Francisco Cannabis Task Force. He advised the task force on banking, taxation and state policy. Tim served in the Assembly Chief Clerk’s Office from 2008-2015. Tim was the Assembly Daily File Clerk from 2013-2014, and the Reading Clerk for the California State Assembly from 2009-2013. Tim also served as the Engrossing and Enrolling Clerk for the Assembly Chief Clerk’s Office from 2008-2009. He graduated from California State University Sacramento with a degree in Government with high honors in 2008 (Phi Kappa Phi).