Tim Conder

CEO, Blackbird

Tim Conder is the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Blkbrd Holdings.

Tim worked as a bicycle messenger in San Francisco from 2006 to 2009. He moved to Reno, Nevada in 2009 to found Bootleg Courier Company on the idea that a bicycle messenger company could succeed in a third-market city. Along with his business partner, the company grew to employ 12 full-time cyclists and earn over a million dollars in annual revenue. The two partners saw the nascent marijuana industry as a new frontier in on-demand courier work and pivoted their bicycle messenger service into Blackbird in 2015.

As the first Medical Marijuana Establishments opened their doors at the end of 2015, Blackbird was there to facilitate product delivery across the state. The transition to marijuana and marijuana products was not immediate. The industry was slow to get its footing, and the differences between legal work delivered by bicycle and marijuana were greater than originally suspected. But as the industry began to gain steam, Blackbird got on solid ground. As a company, Blackbird developed proprietary software to facilitate delivery tracking and store required compliance documentation.

Blackbird has continued to round out its software suite to include a point-of-sale system and consumer menus. The company has also worked to create industry leading and responsible cash handling practices. Blackbird has constantly and consistently revised its standard operating procedures, best practices, and employee training to service the industry efficiently and protect the community in which it operates. Blackbird completes thousands of wholesale and retail deliveries each month in Nevada. The wholesale value of the product that Blackbird transports monthly is in excess of $15million.

The company has recently expanded into California where they now have locations in Santa Rosa, Oakland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. Blackbird is proud of its stellar service and client relationships, but most of all, Blackbird is proud to employee more than 100 people that are a constant reminder of the power of a committed and caring team.