Ryan Miller

Executive VP for Operations, OMG Farms

A native of NYC, Ryan was working in startups and healthcare in the Bay Area when his involvement in the local Veteran community enlightened him to the tremendous healthcare benefits of cannabis for veterans. Ryan now runs the day-to-day operations of OMG Farms, a cannabis lifestyle brand based out of Oakland, which proudly features Humboldt-sourced product. A large part of his job involves navigating the nebulous and dynamic regulations of the new state legal market, and predicting what an interstate model will look like in the future.

Ryan is also the President of Warrior Rising, a 501.c.3 Veterans Service Organization focused on veteran business ownership, and he is a policy advisor to the Veterans Cannabis Project, spending time on Capital Hill advocating for cannabis as a veteran healthcare issue. He also is an advisor to the CAMO family of companies, which is building hemp and medical cannabis operations in Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky. Ryan has a degree in Nuclear Engineering from West Point (he’ll one day bridge this discipline and cannabis…somehow) and both an MBA and MPP from Harvard University. He served in the US Army as an Infantry officer, and was severely wounded in combat in 2007.