Ryan Crowe

CTO, Vuber Technologies

Ryan Crowe has been innovating technology in the cannabis industry since the start of Washington States I502 implication. As Chief Technology Officer for Vuber Technologies, he has been the driving force behind Vuber’s launch and development of their current proprietary products. Recognized for his honest and creative approach to engineering and design, Ryan has turned himself into one of the most sought-after hardware specialists in the cannabis industry.

Through his work, Ryan has collaborated with many tech companies and growers; innovating and developing hardware that can be used and paired with cannabis. His most recent developments have been ground up technologies such as nebulizers, vaporizers, cartridges, machine solutions, and data apps. Ryan has been instrumental in Vuber’s IP protection, making sure every possible utility and design is patented and protected. At Vuber, Ryan’s engineering leadership is pushing technology to a new level.