Roger Obando

Co-Founder & CTO, Baker Technologies

For over 20 years, Roger Obando has been a noteworthy leader in the software development space. After earning degrees in both Computer Science and Visual Design from Duke University, he spent years working with well-established, interactive agencies, including his own. After nearly a decade working with companies like Sony, BMW, JP Morgan and Disney, he shifted his focus to the product space. Most recently, Roger has been the co-founder and CTO at Baker Technologies. With the recent merger to form TILT, Roger has moved into a new role of Head of West Coast Operations to support the growing business.

TILT Holdings Inc. ("TILT") is a multinational infrastructure and technology platform delivering solutions to the legalized cannabis industry. TILT enables businesses the opportunity to interact, communicate and operate with a greater degree of efficiency with their patients and consumers. Consisting of four leading cannabis companies, TILT maintains competencies across the entire spectrum of the industry, from vertically integrated operations to cutting edge genetics and business technology solutions, all supported by robust data-driven insights. Portfolio companies include Baker Technologies, Briteside, Sea Hunter Therapeutics, and Sante Veritas Therapeutics (SVT).