Pranav Sood

CEO & Founder, Trellis Grows

Pranav Sood is the CEO and founder of Trellis, an inventory track & trace software platform for regulated cannabis growers, manufacturers, distributors and dispensaries. Pranav’s previous experience includes management consulting and retail IT management for a leading global retailer. He graduated from business school and is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in startups and growing B2B companies. Originally from Toronto, Canada, Pranav now resides in Oakland, California. Pranav is an active thought leader in cannabis inventory management and technologies and has published several articles on the subjects. A list of published articles is available at Pranav has leveraged his technology and compliance expertise to educate the industry and has presented at several trade shows and conferences on how to successfully leverage technology in the cannabis industry. The Trellis platform was designed within a licensed facility and features an intuitive, leading plant inventory management system that captures seed-to-sale compliance requirements. Trellis' complete platform includes suites for cultivation, manufacturing, CRM, retail and mobile apps. To develop the software, we worked alongside enterprise scale cultivators and manufacturers, such as Supreme Pharmaceutical (XCNQ:SL) and Jetty Extracts. Trellis works closely with our customers to ensure we are continuously improving and the platform delivers value beyond compliance, including business intelligence.