Peter Calfee

CEO, GoFire

Peter Calfee is a health-technology entrepreneur and investor, specializing in fundraising and the realization of operational efficiencies, organization-wide. His focus on structure and organizational development has helped develop multiple Colorado start-up companies, including a medical devices company and an alternative health research facility. Both initiatives reflect an analytical persona, focused on providing quantitative feedback through synchronized processes and systems, that improve and amplify the human condition.

Peter has also utilized his business development experience to help other organizations find their stride through the streamlining of internal structures and processes, as well as modernizing his clients professional appearance. Peter is an original founder at GoFire, a life-science focused initiative, laying the framework for the future of alternative health. He believes research-based initiatives are the only way to unlock the inherent value of alternative medicine, and intends to continue laying new clinical frameworks that validate the medicinal efficacy of phytomedicine. He has a scientific background in supercritical fluid chromatography, and intends to leverage his keen understanding of molecular science to further clinical research initiatives surrounding phytopharmaceuticals.