Ophelia Chong

Community activist, educator, graphic designer & photographer.

Ophelia Chong is the founder of Stock Pot Images and Asian Americans for Cannabis Education (AACE). She is driven to help shape the new conversation of Cannabis and is guided by one mission: to advocate for the legalization of cannabis and offer truthful reflections of the faces and communities that embrace cannabis.

As well as StockPot Images, Ophelia is the Creative Consultant at PUSH Magazine the target audience is millennial women in cannabis. She also served as the Community Outreach liaison for THC Design, one of the top premium cannabis growers in CA, she is responsible for LGBT, Veterans, Women, Minorities and Disabled outreach. She has brought to THC Design the Washington brand “Saints” which will launch Spring 2018, Archive Seeds, Wonderland Nursery and PLUS, a new powder THC launching Spring 2018.

Her newest endeavor is the Bevel Group, as partner. Bevel Group has major cannabis clients and is the branding/marketing/distribution agency with a team consisting of creatives from Fortune 500 companies. Bevel Group is launching April 2018.

As an artist, her work has been published by Harper Collins, Gestalten (3 books) and other major publishers of books and magazines. Her latest collage work was commissioned by Simon & Schuster and will debut in the Fall of 2018.

Her career path has been formed by her 3 decades in photography, as an award winning creative director in publishing and film as creative director to three major film festivals, published artist and gallerist, entertainment and as an adjunct professor in education at Art Center College of Design – her path is non-ending because she believes that we all have at least five careers in our lifetimes.


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