Lisa Harun

Co-Founder & CMO, VAPIUM

A swiss army knife of entrepreneurship, Lisa is a winner of the Johnson & Johnson’s incubator program, JLABS. This accolade was awarded for Vapium’s innovative technology and start-to-finish production model that puts the focus on quality health care in the cannabis space. Lisa co-founded a robotics toy company with her partner, Michael and holds more than eight years of advisory board experience at MaRS Discovery District.

She continues to provide sales and marketing strategy consult to burgeoning and start-up companies, allowing them to cement strong business foundations to prepare for VC funding. Thanks to her diverse background spanning marketing, journalism, startups, and international development, Lisa has gained valuable insight on ways to embed innovation across Vapium’s product line.

The three sub-brands include: Vapium, Vapium Medical, and HYER.“We’ve created reliable technology with design that pushes the limits of modern vaporization, where you can use your devices anywhere in any condition. They'll never let you down, and we’re proud of that.”

Outside of the cannabis industry, Lisa has also hiked the Otter Trail in South Africa, co-produced a movie that appeared at Sundance and has swam with sharks.