Kimberly Dillion

Chief Marketing Officer, Papa & Barkley

Kimberly Dillon is a veteran marketer and leads Papa & Barkley in all marketing and communications efforts. Ms. Dillon previous worked at several Blue Chip companies including Procter & Gamble, the NFL, and Accenture. Kimberly has also spoken at a number of key conferences including TedWoman, SXSW and was named of the top leaders to watch in tech by the Huffington Post. Kimberly was also the founder of House of Mikko, one of the early pioneers of the Beauty Influencer movement in 2009. Additionally, she has helped raise millions of dollars for startups around the world and has developed growth strategies for digital brands such as YouTube stars Smosh, Scooter Braun’s Bkstg, and the SIRI spinout Desti.

Kimberly has two undergraduate degrees from the University of Pittsburgh and a MBA from the University of Michigan. She lives in Los Angeles, where she performs standup comedy.