Dr Kamal S. Kalsi, D.O.
Doctor. Soldier. Sikh. Advocate.
Dr. Kamal S. Kalsi, D.O. graduated from Touro University College of Osteopathic Medicine and went on to complete his residency in Emergency Medicine and subspecialty training in EMS and Disaster Medicine. He trained in Israel as a special guest of the IDF to learn about their Disaster Preparedness and Response. He joined the Army in 2001, and has served in active and reserve duty positions for 18 years. He became the first Sikh to be granted a religious accommodation in the military in nearly a generation. LTC Kalsi deployed to Afghanistan in 2011 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom, and treated hundreds of combat casualties. LTC Kalsi was awarded a Bronze Star Medal for his service there. He served as EMS Director to the military's largest stateside EMS system at Fort Bragg for 3 years. LTC Kalsi's operational experience includes mass casualty planning and response, triage, tactical medicine and expeditionary care in austere environments. In his spare time he advocates for civil liberties with regards to religious freedom. He has been featured in TIME, CNN, BBC, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Stars and Stripes, NPR, PBS, and many other news outlets. His efforts to improve diversity in the military led to the recent Army policy change 2017-03 which opened the doors for religious accommodations in the Army. He has been an honored guest and speaker at both the White House and the Pentagon. LTC Kalsi has recently transitioned back into the Army Reserves as a medical officer. LTC Kalsi is a Truman Fellow, serving on the Defense Council of the Truman National Security Project and was awarded their “Innovation in Policy award”. Most recently, LTC Kalsi served as co-chair to the Military and Veterans Affairs committee for Governor Phil Murphy's transition team. He founded a nonprofit called the Sikh American Veterans Alliance (SAVA) in order to promote diversity, Sikh military history and service. He currently practices Emergency Medicine and serves as Medical Director to SunFest, LLC, which has applied for a vertically integrated Medicinal Marijuana license in Florida. He has helped to provide policy, protocols and safety recommendations for the license application. Dr. Kalsi also functions as Scientific Advisor providing medical guidance and recommendations to WarFighter Hemp LLC for the growth and sale of their industrial hemp derived CBD products. Earlier this year, he established cultivation operations for 220 acres of federally compliant CBD rich industrial hemp fields in Oregon. And whenever anyone asks him where he’s from, he tells them he’s from “Jersey.”