Josh Priebe
Co-Founder Bevel Group, Sk8mafia & JSLV CLothing
Josh (“Preebz”) Priebe, a Southern California native and self-made entrepreneur, started his career 17 years ago in the action sports industry. With a knack for intuitive insights in marketing and branding he created two well respected and successful brands, Sk8mafia (skateboards) and JSLV (clothing), with both brands hosting top pro athletes in skate, snow, and surf. Josh, being a cannabis advocate nearly his whole life, made the decision to enter the cannabis space in 2015 as the Marketing and Brand Director for THC Design. His transition into the cannabis space was seamless as skateboarding and apparel have always been so closely tied with cannabis culture. In 2018, Priebe was named in the top "100 Most Influential People in Cannabis" by High Times Magazine. Shortly after, in 2018, he co-founded a full service creative cannabis agency, The Bevel Group. Soon after the agency launched Josh was diagnosed with cancer and went on to fight and beat the disease. Today, Josh is enthusiastic and has a renewed outlook on life and looks forward to continuing his work in cannabis while sharing his journey and the impact that cannabis had on his healing. He currently resides in Newport Beach, CA, where he enjoys his family, pups, and the waves, of course.