Jon Cooper

Founder & CEO, ebbu

Jonathan Cooper is ebbu’s Founder & CEO. He brings more than two decades of entrepreneurship, business strategy, planning, product management and marketing experience to this role. Mr. Cooper manages all operations and oversees all aspects of ebbu’s business and strategy and ensures ebbu operates with transparency and integrity. He hires and collaborates with world-class cannabis scientists who are setting the bar for cannabinoid research and plant science and experimenting with cutting-edge genetics that will change how the plant is cultivated. He negotiates partnerships for ebbu, including recent deals with two of the largest cultivators in Colorado.

Prior to ebbu, Mr. Cooper served in various leadership roles in technology, communication, consulting and media companies. Most recently, Mr. Cooper was principal consultant with Cayenne Consulting, where he worked with dozens of startups to help them refine their business strategies and business plans. Mr. Cooper was co-founder of Aventura, a context-aware computing company that has created 26 new advanced computing patents. He served as President, VP of Strategy, VP of Marketing and VP of Product during his tenure at Aventura. Before Aventura, Mr. Cooper co-founded SkyWay Systems, an “OnStar”-like solution for Ford Motor Company, where he was VP of Marketing and Product. At both companies, Mr. Cooper led and participated in both angel and venture financing that resulted in raising more than $15 million for each firm.