Jesse Silver

VP of Product, Pax

Jesse Silver, VP of Product at Pax Labs, is a prolific designer with kinetic artwork displayed around the globe, including a current installation in the Smithsonian. At Pax, Jesse is responsible for the high quality hardware and software experiences that customers and partners expect. Prior to Pax, Jesse served as VP of Product at digital health pioneer Omada Health, where he was responsible for the digital therapeutic that reduced the risk of heart disease and diabetes for Omada’s participants.

Jesse has also been a project lead and a principal designer at worldwide innovation consultancy, IDEO, and holds patents in behavior change systems and human form measurement for the fitment of soft goods. He has a Bachelor’s of Human Factors Engineering from Tufts University, and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University. When he is not working, Jesse enjoys fine woodworking and the creation of kinetic artwork.