Jeff Welsh

Founder, Frontera Law Group, Managing Partner, Frontera Entertainment, Partner, Composite Agency

Born and raised just outside of Philadelphia, Jeffrey D. Welsh began his career on the performance side of the entertainment industry, recording and touring internationally as a saxophonist. It was at Pepperdine University School of Law where Mr. Welsh began his foray into the legal cannabis community. After working at the world’s largest talent agency, William Morris Endeavor, Mr. Welsh co-founded Frontera Law Group with Luke Stanton in February 2015, which is now the largest cannabis focused law firm in California. Through aggressive networking and an unrelenting desire to be a first mover in the cannabis and entertainment/media spaces, Mr. Welsh fostered an extensive network with the current and future tastemakers of the entertainment industry to facilitate deal flow between these two industries. By navigating this unique path, Mr. Welsh is sensitive to specific legal issues involved in entertainment and cannabis coming together, such as intellectual property, endorsements, licensing, criminal and civil liability, and other business and legal considerations.

Mr. Welsh is the Managing Partner of Frontera Entertainment and a Partner of The Composite Agency, both of which are vehicles dedicated to legitimizing the perception of the cannabis industry through branding, advertising, marketing, and content services to cannabis entrepreneurs and businesses.