Gannon Castner

Director of Product Development, Kikoko

Gannon Castner is the Director of Product Development and Sourcing at Kikoko, a cannabis infused herbal tea company that helps women take charge of their health. She has been a vital player in the success and growth of Kikoko since she joined the company, developing exciting new products that merge wellness and cannabis.

Prior to her current role, Gannon oversaw Kikoko’s business through the long winding road of regulatory changes and the company’s successful emergence as a fully compliant cannabis edibles brand. Prior to her work for Kikoko, Gannon worked as the General Manager and Curator at Harvest Shops, where she oversaw the opening of their second dispensary, Harvest off Mission.

With a degree in Industrial Engineering, Gannon’s earlier work was with Accenture, as a Tech Strategy Consulting. While there she realized she wanted to make her work that of serving the stigmatized cannabis plant