Dr. Richard Kaufman

NanoSphere Health Sciences

Dr. Kaufman is the inventor of the first NanoSphere Delivery System™ platform technology, chief science officer and co-founder of NanoSphere Health Sciences. He is the previous co-director of the Center for Biogerontology Life Extension Medical Clinic. Dr. Kaufman was also Director of the FirstFitness Scientific and Medical Advisory Board. He is a distinguished scientist, highly respected researcher and product developer. He has particular expertise in weight management, anti-aging, nutraceuticals, fitness, wellness and delivery system nano-biotechnology. His patents on nanoparticle delivery and nano-encapsulations have distinguished him as a leader in the medical discovery world, including inventing the proprietary NanoSphere Health formulas. His Ph.D. in BioNutritional Chemistry from the University of Brussels has led him to a track record of excellence in superior product formulation, the authorship of best-selling books in the field, including The Age Reduction System (1986) on anti-aging-and helping people lead happier, healthier lives.