David Berg

President & Chief Technology Officer, Strainprint

As President and Chief Technology Officer at Strainprint David is responsible for the on-going development of the portfolio of Strainprint Analytics Products. Strainprint has grown quickly to become the largest longitudinal medical cannabis study in the world with over 38 million data points and 800,000 tracked interactions so far (growing at over 20% per month). Through its Analytics solutions, Strainprint provides decision support to patients, clinics, pharmacies, dispensaries and industry supply chain. David works directly with the company's developers, customers, partners, physicians and clinicians to deliver on the vision of a crowd sourced medical cannabis tracking ecosystem. David has a broad technical and business background with over 20 years of experience managing product and engineering teams for major multi-national technology companies. David has spent the last 6 years working in the medical cannabis industry and has experience working in commercial cultivation and distribution in Holland, Jamaica and Canada. David has a BCom from York University and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Windsor. In his spare time, David enjoys being with his wife and kids both at home and with skis under foot. David is also a movie buff and music lover.