Circe Wallace

Founder, Hot Nife

Circe Wallace believes in family, 90 minute massages, cold rosé and weed. She was born in Eugene, Oregon to hippie parents but found her heart in the nascent skateboard community burning a hot hole in the status quo. Skateboarding turned into snowboarding turned into a career blasting out of helicopters and off of cliffs.

After a devastating knee injury she began representing the skaters and snowboarders who now formed a multi-million dollar industry. There she stayed for years, inking some of the biggest deals in the space for the biggest athletes but when cracks began to form in the ugly wall of cannabis prohibition she knew what she had to do next.

On 4/20 2017 she formed Hot Nife alongside her step-father, an oil company that believes quality is an essential ingredient for a good time. Hot Nife is a ultra premium co2 extract made with love to an elevated experience. We make awesome.