Carlos Frias
CEO of Freedom Leaf, Inc., Founder, former CEO Green Lotus™ Hemp, Community Educator, Veteran.
Carlos Frias has dedicated the past sixteen years to education and entrepreneurship in the cannabis industry. Frias brings compassion, commitment and deep sales experience to Freedom Leaf, Inc., where he currently serves as CEO. He is the founder and former CEO of Green Lotus™ Hemp, which has since been acquired by Freedom Leaf.

Under Frias’ leadership, Green Lotus™ and IrieCBD have witnessed considerable growth. Since 2016, Green Lotus™ has seen explosive 500% year-over-year growth, owing to the brand’s vertically-integrated, “farm-to-bottle” supply chain and proprietary formulas. Both Green Lotus™ and IrieCBD set industry standards for safety and testing.

Frias is passionate about opening up new avenues of care to improve the well-being of people and communities. In 2006, he founded a cannabis collective in Port Hueneme, California, and in 2015 he launched an investment group to raise funds under Texas’ Compassionate Use Program.

Known for assembling dynamic sales teams, Frias started to hone his sales technique at age 13, selling cars and collecting commissions beside his father at the family’s car dealership. After Frias completed his military service, he entered the banking industry where he sold mortgages and rose to top producer within his first twelve months on the job.

The Marine Corps veteran’s uncompromising approach to quality is reflected in the epigram, “If it’s not perfect, it’s trash.” Frias’ shrewd business approach and focus on education and detail continue to drive Freedom Leaf and its mission to be a leader in clean health and plant-based care.