Bob Burnquist

Professional Skate Boarder and Athlete

Hailing from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Bob Burnquist is one of the best athletes the world has seen. His dominance throughout the years has been astounding. Whether he is skateboarding off a ramp into the Grand Canyon or completing a 360 degree loop switch stance, Bob dreams big! As indicated in the 2014 Oakley release of “Dreamland”.

Bob specializes in skating switch-stance (backwards) and skating vert switch; and he does this as well as, or better than, most pros can with a normal stance. He astounded the skate community in 2001 by completing the loop switch at the SPOT in Tampa, FL and in 2002 Bob proved his untouchable skills when he was crowned the OP “King of Skate” by skating switch-stance in the loop with the top removed. Over the next several years Bob’s consistency was apparent as he took home medal after medal in nearly all the competitions he entered. At the 2010 X Games in Los Angeles, Bob once again wowed the crowd and took home a trio of medals- one of each in gold, silver, and bronze in Big Air Rail Jam, Big Air, and Vert Best Trick respectively. Always at the forefront of progression for the sport, in 2010 Bob also became the first person to successfully land a Fakie to Fakie Indy 900 on the Mega Ramp. There are simply no limits to what he can do.

Bob now resides in Vista, CA has created a skateboarding mecca in his backyard with includes the only full sized Mega Ramp on personal property as well as a concrete bowl and a full pipe. Bob keep his days busy navigating the skies, he is an avid helicopter pilot as well as skydiver. Bob has truly set the benchmark for the future of skateboarding. 

Bob symbolizes motivation, progression and passion. Through skateboarding, Bob has evolved into a remarkable human being and role model. He is not only respected by his peers, he has also been recognized by the mainstream sports community, including an ESPY nomination for Action Sports Person of the Year and two nominations for the prestigious Laureus World Sports Award for Alternative Sports Person of the Year.