Hemp Technologies: Time to Scale Up

Hemp protein is one of nature’s most complete. The list of industries served and entrepreneural opportunities offered is massive in scope. As the farming and processing infrastructure emerges in the U.S., countless new businesses will be born.

Industrial Hemp: The Next Wave

As hemp farming finally begins again in the U.S. with first steps underway in Kentucky and California, a restored hemp agriculture industry implies vast new opportunities for food, clothing, shelter, cosmetics, paper, plastics, fuel and other consumer goods.

Vape Technologies Forum

We review the hottest sectors and trends in vaping, how brands are differentiating their products, and look at the over-the-horizon new vape technologies, as well as mainstream media placement.

Extraction Technologies Forum

Understanding the next five years in extraction: residual solvent testing, specialization, super-critical Helium, BHO regulations, advances in cold-water extraction, and the financing of these technologies.

Sustainability Tech

Developments in energy efficiency, irrigation optimization, grow facilities, mechanization (trimmers), next-generation nutrients, and mediums.

Disruptive Apps

What’s working. What’s flopping. Where apps are going. What
app stores will tolerate. We will focus on the best ways to
monetize via mobile tech for 2017.

Business Software

Emerging, cannabis-optimized solutions to the problems of real-time menus, POS systems, payment processing, CRM, seed to sale tracking, and regulatory compliance.

Real Banking & Digital Currency

As the industry becomes fully legitimate, banking options will begin to open up and digital currency has an opportunity to claim a stake within the new frontier of legalization along with privately owned domestic and international secured banks.

Greening Grows

As in other agricultural and industrial sectors, the green factor is becoming a top priority for customers and the public. With cannabis, it is not only about respecting the environment, it is about maximum purity and quality in the final product.

Terpenes, Beyond Flavor

2016 is the year of terpenes. We’ll take a look behind the veil and help deconstruct what exactly terpenes are and why they matter.

CBD, Getting Real

Medical benefits of cannabis are something no one can deny. CBD is a compound most people have heard of, but don’t fully understand. Take a graduate level look at CBD and the endo-cannabinoid system. Statistics and Case Studies from parents, athletes, veterans, executives and doctors.

Serious Medicine, Serious Research, Serious Business

The tidal wave of “anecdotal evidence” indicates that this healing plant has more to offer human health and well-being than even the most enthusiastic proponents have imagined.

New Digital Advertising Opportunities

The future of social, mobile, localized and targeted cannabis advertising in digital, print, outdoor, radio, and TV. Next-gen ad servers, the best ad networks, successful native advertising, and types of sponsored content.

The New Cannabis Journalism

Pot news and entertainment is everywhere. As the subject continues to become a profitable one for any number of media outlets, where does this leave the old school High Times and local dispensary magazines, and what are the challenges and opportunities for new media properties?

California Initiative Update

The legal status of cannabis is changing in California – and federally – at this historic moment. This panel will present the latest news and implications of the changes being set in motion.

National Brands, Legal Tightropes

The rush is on to establish national brand recognition as cannabis gradually comes onto the same playing field as other consumer products. But strategic planning is in order.

Legal Trends Around the Bend

Post-Obama federal policy, state regulatory trends, the rise of international competition. What’s likely to happen next and when?

Canada's Cannabis Legalization

Canada has a federally legal medical cannabis program and is on track to become the first G-7 country to implement full legalization. Learn about the opportunities and challenges from CEOs of some of the leading licensed cannabis producers in Canada.

Gaining Mainstream Investors in The Cannabis Space

The cannabis industry is not yet attracting a substantial number of mainstream investors for a variety of reasons. Listen to how several investors are taking advantage of the lack of competition to get in on the ground floor.

The Future of Cannabis Stocks

The publicly-traded cannabis sector has grown dramatically in the past few years as state-by-state legalization has proliferated, but the market remains extremely risky for investors. Learn about the progress that has been made and how public markets could improve over the next few years

From Root to Successful Branding & Entrepreneurship

Cannabis is multi-billion dollar industry. What mainstream strategies can we apply to this new space. Hear about brand strategies, through leaders in the broad brand and entrepreneur worlds.

Social and Brand Impact from Testing and Analytics

The true heartbeat of the legal marketplace and analytics labs will play an ever increasing role in the regulation and distribution of cannabis through out the United States and the world. We’ll explore the different methodologies and practices in the analytics space and forecast the future of the space post legalization.

Celebrity, Artists & Event Partnerships

Artists, Actors, Influencers, Music Event Promoters have a collective impact of reach in the millions and their cultures and fan base are drivers for sales and lifestyle. Authentic partnerships between brands in the Cannabis space is broad. How can we help each other?

Edible Innovations

Edible products present unique challenges, but sales for both adult use and medical applications continue to climb. This panel will explore legal issues, production technologies, marketing, packaging and new edible categories.

Cannabis Infused Products Forum

The next five years in edibles: major industry missteps, dosage standardization, solving the problem of consumer un-sophistication, micro dose trends, next-level packaging and brand identity, and the rise of functional infused products.