Wade Diebner

Managing Partner, ExCapsa Group

Wade Diebner is a highly accomplished executive with a distinguished career in investment arena. As an accomplished entrepreneur, he has launched five successful companies including a hedge fund, an online research firm, a financial services firm, a wholesale distribution company, and an insurance company. With a vast knowledge of the investment and financial services space, Mr. Diebner has formulated actionable strategies, built strategic alliances, and built loyal clientele that have positioned public, private, and start-up companies for sustainable, profitable growth.

Mr. Diebner began his career as a top-ranked producer leading equities and derivatives trading for Charles Schwab and San Francisco based Hedge Fund Primarius Capital before transitioning into entrepreneurial roles, as well as Investment banking.
Founded investment firm to provide exclusive consulting services to Life Investment Holdings’/ExCapsa clients. Support capital raising, core business development, operations, strategy, visibility, and investment efforts for start-up businesses, angel investors, small/mid-cap companies, and high growth companies.
Raised $35M+ for start-up companies and ~$50M for Angel Fund by building partnerships and advising stakeholders on capital raising process.
Played instrumental role in financing $30M sale/lease-back transaction by soliciting private equity firm to purchase deal and serving as both advisor and intermediary on deal.
Invested tens of millions of dollars in four start-up companies, including growth and venture capital sponsorships and Series B investment.
Drove development and launch of technology start-up as investor and Board member investing $10M in company, hiring CEO and executive team, and building company infrastructure and strategic alliances.
Recently founded and launched a wholesale distribution company and retail brand
Has raised over 250 Million in his career.