Sunshine Johnson

Owner of Sunboldt Grown

Sunshine Johnston owns and operates Sunboldt Grown. She dry farms 20,000 square feet on the Eel River flood plain in Redcrest. As a seasonal farm with one crop a year, plants are fully ripened at harvest and slowly dried and cured to perfection. Sunboldt Grown is known for producing quality hash crops for Nasha Extracts and is excited to be releasing Loopy Fruit flower this year under their own brand.

Raised in Southern Humboldt by activists in a community of growers, she care took her families crop while her mother fought to preserve ancient redwoods. She attended alternative schools and later studied geology at Humboldt State University. Ten years as a wine broker for Willamette Valley wineries and learning from the people who make the wine gave her a pathway on how to brand and market her craft cannabis.