Stephen Gieder

Executive Director of The Ganjery

Stephen Gieder started Northcoast Horticulture Supply in 2001 after studying horticulture at Williamson Trade School in Media, PA. NHS sells cultivation supplies to indoor and outdoor farmers in Humboldt County, California at its four retail locations and beyond through E-commerce. In order to get the very best product to the US and deliver it at the lowest possible price, Stephen started Humboldt Wholesale, a nationwide manufacturer and distributor of specialty garden supplies. This allowed him to import from Holland the finest production nutrient line in the world, House & Garden. After nearly a decade of being the sole distributor of H&G in the US, Stephen purchased the company and moved manufacturing of the nutrient line to Arcata, California. Steve has always taken pride in building the local economy and continues to do so by employing over 100 talented individuals.

The success of the above businesses allowed the creation of Humboldt Green, a benefit corporation with two core functions:

One is a cannabiz consulting business that uses our team pulled from the extensive local cannabis brain trust that has been growing in Humboldt over the last half century. We help cultivators come out of the informal economy and into legal and environmental compliance, create working groups that draft legislation that get passed, connect manufactures with input suppliers and output distributors.

The other core mission of Humboldt Green is building a welcoming, sustainable cannabis community that is no longer in self-imposed exile. Since the passage of Prop 215 in 1996, the cannabis community has slowly been coming to terms with it’s underground, black market history as well as the inevitable future of reasonable open adult use of cannabis as a recreational activity. We also coordinate Humboldt Green Week, a week of events celebrating all things green during the confluence of the Earth Day and the new holiday 4/20.