Mitchell Colbert

Journalist, Cannabis Now, Hemp Magazine, Green Flower Media, The Leaf Online, the Green Market Report

Mitchell Colbert is a lobbyist, freelance journalist, and formerly an editor of The Leaf Online. He has written over a hundred published articles for outlets including Cannabis Now, High Times, Hemp Magazine, Green Flower Media, the Wine Industry Network, ABV Magazine, and As a journalist and cannabis researcher, Mitchell has written on the medical effects of nearly two-dozen cannabinoids and terpenes, the environmental impacts of cultivation, the history of hemp, cannabis genetics, vaporizers, and cannabis doctors.

Mitchell is passionate about education. For half a decade, Mitchell worked at Harborside, the world’s largest medical cannabis dispensary, where he educated thousands of patients about cannabis medicine. As a regional director for 2010's Proposition 19 campaign he educated voters about the need to legalize adult-use cannabis and was part of a team that came 4% away from making California the first adult-use state. He is also a professor at Oaksterdam University where he teaches classes about hemp, dispensary operations, vape pens, and many other facets of the cannabis industry.

Mitchell is dedicated to creating a legal, regulated, and compliant cannabis industry focused on consumer safety. After spending a year as a senior consultant for the female-led compliance consultancy, Pistil + Stigma, Mitchell founded Full Spectrum Strategy, where he currently serves as the Head Lobbyist. Full Spectrum is currently working with Firefly Vapor to advocate for cannabis vape recycling and sustainability in the industry in both California and Colorado. In this role, Mitchell wrote and introduced an amendment to Colorado's Sunset Review Bill which will allow for the recycling of all “marijuana consumer waste” in Colorado.