Kenneth Hamik

Partner, the Ganjery

Ken Hamik is a partner in Humboldt County’s newest dispensary, the Ganjery. He has worked on cannabis state and local policies and regulations over the past 7 years in a variety of management and consulting roles.

He is the resident futurist at Humboldt Green which consults, produces events like Cannifest, and creates community/business dialogues which promote the environment and celebrate the cannabis industry.

As a futurist, Ken has assisted clients in positioning themselves for emerging market conditions and in developing creative strategies. He was one of the original members of Global Business Network, a premier futurist group. He was also Director of Strategic Planning for PG&E and in management at Trader Joes. Ken has been asked to present papers and lead workshops on future trends, marketing and strategic planning in North America, Europe and Asia. Ken was a founding partner at an international brand strategy consultancy that resulted in such memorable campaigns as “Got Milk?”

Ken did his Masters of Science work at the University of Houston's Studies of the Future program. He is on the Board of Directors of the Arcata Chamber of Commerce and a non-profit, CommUnity Pride & Peace.