Ken Ramirez

CEO & Co-Founder, Alt Thirty Six

Cofounder and CEO of Alt Thirty Six, Ken Ramirez, has leveraged his knowledge of innovation and transformative enterprise growth to become a visionary leader in the future of blockchain technology and digital payments. Ken in the final stages of completing his Doctorate in Business Administration with his research focused on the effects of blockchain scalability on the consumer adoption of digital currency. His goal is to be well positioned upon publication to incorporate his research findings into a product strategy that will have far-reaching implications for the future of the blockchain industry as a whole.

Alt Thirty Six Background

Alt Thirty Six was founded in 2015 with the aim of displacing traditional payments. Cash-intensive, cannabis merchants struggle to gain access to traditional financial and banking services and just accept the high fees for accepting and operating in physical cash.

The Alt Thirty Six platform is a user-friendly, cost-effective and fully compliant solution to the industry’s current reliance on cash and deceptive use of credit cards. The proprietary technology offers the merchant near-real-time settlement of funds while minimizing the risk of fraud. Most importantly, the Alt Thirty Six platform virtually eliminates the high cost, risk, and inefficiencies associated with using all-cash and credit cards.

Aiming to position itself for the long run, Alt Thirty Six has taken a different approach. Rather than circumvent the rules, Alt Thirty Six believes the key to success in this industry can be achieved only through absolute compliance and transparency. Therefore, while others look for a quick way to market, Alt Thirty Six invested the necessary time and capital to build a fully compliant and robust payment platform designed specifically for the cannabis industry.

Through its proprietary technology and established banking relationships, Alt Thirty Six enables cannabis merchants to seamlessly accept electronic payments in-store and online via the ACH network, while simultaneously storing transaction records on the Dash blockchain for record-keeping.