Hershel Gerson

CEO, ELLO Capital

Over 20 years of success in Investment Banking, M&A and Private Equity.

I have successfully advised and closed over 55 transactions with a total value exceeding $30 billion for private equity and corporate clients. My ability to advise across a broad range of strategic matters -- including leveraged finance, mergers and acquisitions, initial public offerings, private placements, project finance, and general advisory assignments -- has allowed me to build long-standing, trusted relationships with clients. Past deal experience across multiple industry verticals including retail and consumer, TMT, real estate, and healthcare.

Today, I lead ELLO Capital, a boutique investment banking and M&A advisory services firm focused on guiding clients and investors in cannabis and related industries through rapidly developing cannabis market opportunities. ELLO Capital is the investment banking arm of the ELLO cannabis business ecosystem; which delivers banking, advisory, branding, market research and venture services. Alongside a global network of entrepreneurs, investors, and institutions, ELLO is working to model a responsible, sustainable future for cannabis.

My industry focus compliments my wife’s career as a physiologist, nutritionist, and Michelin star trained chef, specializing in science-based training and diet.